This page will be updated periodically with helpful resources in the community.

Emergency Resources:

911 – Use this if you are immediately concerned about harm to yourself or others.

211, or (585)275-5151 – Lifeline / Mobile Crisis Team

Emergency Room visit – Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, Unity Hospital

Mental Health Resources:

Mental Health Association                                      (585)325-3145

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill                     (585)423-1593

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance             (585)234-8432

Alternatives for Battered Women                          (585)232-7353

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Al-Anon / Al-Ateen

Physical Health Resources

Sports Concussion Treatment at URMC

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at URMC

Wellness Blogs

New York Times Well Blog

Huffington Post Healthy Living Blog


Tiny Buddha

The Blue Room

Hallowed Be Thy Home

Daily Cup of Yoga

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