Perspectives’ Pen

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For those therapists and individuals who need another set of eyes for the final draft of a blog; for the helping professionals preparing an article for submission; for the student preparing an academic thesis or dissertation; and for those individuals who are writing creatively and seeking feedback, Johanna is prepared with the Perspectives’ Pen.

We all need an extra set of eyes sometimes. Perspectives’ Pen was created with the principle of balancing challenge and support for writers. In editing, as in counseling, Johanna strives to facilitate growth and accentuate your individual voice as a writer in order to best communicate your area of expertise (be it academic, casual, or creative) to the reader.

Johanna is combining her experience in publishing and writing with her therapeutic ear for developing narrative in order to provide you with quality editing. While completing her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Johanna interned as an Editorial Literary Intern for Little, Brown & Co. Since that time, she has written for the Huffington Post blog and New York Times Well Blog, and maintains an online presence as a writer and as a therapist.

Why use editing services?

Sometimes we walk out of the house with a button undone, or a shoelace untied. When you are sending your writing out into the world (whether it is directly to your audience, or through a submission for publication), you don’t want any buttons undone or shoelaces untied. Editing services can help to make sure your grammar is buttoned up, your content is dynamic, and your voice is clearly heard through the words on the page.

What will I gain from Perspectives’ Pen?

You will gain a new perspective on your work. By the time you are seeking editing services, you have already done the hard work of putting pen to paper. Johanna will help you to elevate your writing so that your ideas and your voice can best be heard by your ideal audience.

Services and fees:

Proofreading / copy editing – $30 per hour

Content editing – $40 per hour

In-depth content editing in the field of mental health or psychology – $50 per hour

In-person feedback and discussion session (50 minutes) – $90

Written feedback via email is provided for each level of service. Each project will be charged in half-hour increments. There is a minimum charge of $50 per project.

Small projects (1-2 pages) can be turned around within one week. Expected timeline for larger projects and any time-sensitive needs should be discussed with editor in advance.

For more information or to schedule an editing project, please contact Johanna directly at, or by phone at (585)406-3012.


“Johanna offers quality feedback and the professionalism that you would want in anyone with whom you do business. I used her services for my first book and definitely plan on partnering with her again in the future.”

– Carl Binger, LMHC

“Johanna has a gift for editing. She helps me to convey exactly what I want to say in a way that engages the reader. She is very thorough and always completes the work in the agreed-upon time frame.”

-Lynn Acquafondata, LMHC