Internal Family Systems therapy

I am so excited to share that I have now completed Internal Family Systems Level One training. This therapy approach creates space for the client to develop an empowering internal relationship as they care for parts of themselves. In addition to CBT and other therapy approaches, I now have the depth of training to provide IFS therapy as well.

If you are interested in learning more about this approach, please feel free to ask me in your next session or email me at

Writing for Perspective

Combining my love of writing with mental health, I’ll be offering an online writing workshop:

Writing Away the Pandemic

It’s been quite a year, and we’ve all got stories to tell. This workshop will be a generative workshop, providing brief prompts focused on writing to get away from the pandemic (such as traveling to a new place through your words) as well as writing to process how you have journeyed through this past year. I’ll be providing tips for kind self-care as a part of this brief workshop.

When: Saturday, May 29th, 10am-11:30am EST

Where: Zoom (link will be provided upon registration)

Cost: $25

Cost of recorded workshop: $15

(If you are unable to attend at the time of the workshop but are interested in a recorded version, please contact me and I can email it to you after the fact).

To register for the workshop, please email me at

Upcoming Groups

I’ll be offering another round of groups starting in June!

More Than My Diagnosis (beginning June 1st), will run on Tuesdays 2-3pm

This group is intended for individuals who are coping with the mental health impact of medical issues. The group will address topics such as identity, connection to self and others, and personal growth.

The Other Half (beginning June 3rd), will run on Thursdays 11am-12pm

This group is intended for spouses or partners who are caring for an individual with medical issues. The group will address topics such as identity in and outside the relationship, and caring for self and others.

Groups will:

-be open to 6-8 members

-be conducted via zoom

Cost: $40 per session