Upcoming Groups!

In August, the Mindfulness Group will begin (starting on Thursday 8/13).  This group will run for 6 weeks on Thursday evenings and will involve increasing mindful awareness in daily life to improve various issues and stressors you may face.  Building mindfulness skills may help you to create healthy perspective in your life.  In September and October, groups for grief and for cognitive-behavioral therapy will begin.  See the “Groups” page under “About Perspectives” for more information, or call Johanna at (585)406-3012 to sign up!

Perspectives and Re-framing: Sunrise or sunset?


Is the sun rising or setting in this picture?

The way we think about things shapes the way we see them and the perspective we take.  In this picture, the sun is setting.  However, you might not automatically know that from the picture.  The ways in which we perceive interactions with friends and family, daily events in our lives, and the world around us is influenced by our perspective.

In counseling, you have the opportunity to work on seeing things from different angles; increasing insight about your own perspective, your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors; and making change to gain a healthy point of view using your personal strengths.  Changing the way you think about a situation is called a cognitive re-frame, one of many tools you will encounter in a cognitive-behavioral based approach to counseling.

Welcome to Perspectives Mental Health Counseling!

I invite you to bring your old strengths into a new perspective, and to share in a conversation that is both challenging and supportive.  At Perspectives, you really are welcome.  You may come to gain a viewpoint outside of your current network of friends, family, co-workers, teammates, and to take a look at your own perspective as well. 

By gaining new insight, you will find ways to make positive change in your life and cope with whatever it is you carry with you through the door.  Together we can, through talk therapy, work towards discovering and helping you to become the healthiest you.

Look around the website and please feel free to contact me with further questions.