Upcoming Groups

I’ll be offering another round of groups starting in June!

More Than My Diagnosis (beginning June 1st), will run on Tuesdays 2-3pm

This group is intended for individuals who are coping with the mental health impact of medical issues. The group will address topics such as identity, connection to self and others, and personal growth.

The Other Half (beginning June 3rd), will run on Thursdays 11am-12pm

This group is intended for spouses or partners who are caring for an individual with medical issues. The group will address topics such as identity in and outside the relationship, and caring for self and others.

Groups will:

-be open to 6-8 members

-be conducted via zoom

Cost: $40 per session

The Helper’s Humanity

Together with Amy Andrews, MFA, LMHC, Johanna will be running a series of workshops on the humanity of the helper. Each workshop will use a different aspect of creative writing to explore your sense of humanity as a helping professional. Johanna and Amy will lead various exercises to deepen your curiosity and validate your vulnerability as a human and as a helper. Each exercise will involve personal time for writing as well as group discussion for processing.

The goals of the workshop are to provide creative writing tools for self-care and personal exploration, and to validate all the aspects of your humanity!

The first workshop is coming up in a few weeks on September 22nd. Each workshop will run from 8am-12pm, and coffee and light snacks will be provided. Spots are limited, so sign up soon!

Workshops are open to all, but are geared towards those individuals currently working in the helping professions (medical, mental health, religion and spirituality, teaching, etc).

Sign up for one retreat or for all four: $75 per retreat or $250 for all four.

To sign up, email Johanna at jbondperspectives@gmail.com or Amy at andrews.counseling@gmail.com. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, as well.

Johanna and Amy are incredibly excited to collaborate on this project and can’t wait for the first workshop, titled “Developing identity through character.”