Perspectives Monthly Journal Exercise – September

Journaling can be a therapeutic exercise.  In therapy, Johanna may encourage you to journal or keep a diary in a specific way, to raise awareness of specific activities, thoughts, or feelings.  This monthly journal exercise is in no way individually prescribed, but meant to offer food for thought that may be useful for anyone.

September’s monthly journal exercise:

September tends to be a time of transition.  Kids go back to school, and we begin to head towards autumn.  Take five minutes to do a “free write,” where you write without stopping.  Only stop if your hand hurts or if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed emotionally.  Write about transitions in your life, and how you connect to the transition of the season from summer to autumn.  This may be through personal events in your life or through your connection to nature as it changes.  At five minutes, stop and put down your pen, wherever you are in your writing.  This is not meant to be a polished piece of writing but rather an exploration.

One thought on “Perspectives Monthly Journal Exercise – September

  1. Thank you for this exercise. I moved to northern Germany from America this June, and through journaling I have recognized that I have met this autumn transition with fear. “I am worried that I will lose the warmth and that I will no longer be able to find my leaves facing toward the Sun.” I concluded my entry by recognizing that the Sun can be within me and that I can nurture it’s shining even in the dark winters.


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