Random Acts of Kindness Week

This week is Random Acts of Kindness week!  I love that the idea behind random acts of kindness is to simply go out of your way to do something kind for someone else, and to pay it forward when something kind is done for you.  It doesn’t have to be something big, grand, or even time-consuming – many acts of kindness involve a small gesture, such as a smile or kind compliment to another person.  You can find many ideas for random acts of kindness here if you have trouble thinking of some on your own.  A few of my favorites from this blog and others include:

  • Write something nice on a friend’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or post a kind comment on a blog you follow
  • Compliment the next person you see
  • Say thank you to someone you may take for granted in your daily life
  • Call up a friend or family member just to say hi
  • Think of someone who has inspired you in your life, and thank him or her
  • Leave a bigger tip at a restaurant than usual
  • Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line
  • Share a feel-good song or YouTube video with a friend
  • Ask someone how their day is going, and really listen
  • If you live with other people, do a chore you don’t usually do
  • Clean off someone else’s snowy car in a parking lot
  • Smile at someone you don’t know
  • Tell yourself something you like about yourself – you deserve kindness too!

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