Reading for Perspective

Johanna loves to share good books with her clients. Periodically, she will post here about a book that can be helpful as a part of the therapeutic process or just as good food for thought. If you’d like to join in “reading for perspective,” feel free to learn more about Johanna’s new favorite book below!

Viktor Frankl wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning” as a result of his experiences as a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps during World War II.  His experiences caused him to question everything he had ever known about motivation, meaning, and survival. He writes both about his personal experiences as well as his theory of understanding meaning.

Frankl writes about meaning as being central to the way we understand human life and motivation, rather than the drives promoted by other psychologists such as pleasure or power.  Frankl suggests that our life’s meaning can come from different sources, such as our work, love, or family ties.

What is meaningful in your life?  How does your source of meaningfulness provide motivation during tough times in your life?

As you focus your attention on meaning and motivation in your life, it may be interesting to pay attention to how this impacts the way you think and feel.

NOTE: As always, if you find that you could use an outside perspective or are struggling emotionally, please call to set up an appointment at (585)406-3012. This book review is not intended to replace therapy.

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