Perspectives Monthly Journal Exercise – October

Journaling can be a therapeutic exercise.  In therapy, Johanna may encourage you to journal or keep a diary in a specific way, to raise awareness of specific activities, thoughts, or feelings.  This monthly journal exercise is in no way individually prescribed, but meant to offer food for thought that may be useful for anyone.

October’s monthly journal exercise:

Wherever you are, try to write down 2-3 descriptions for each of the five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, hear).  Now turn your attention internally, and write down 2-3 descriptions for your thoughts, your emotions, and how you are feeling physically.  Try to do this without judging your observations as good or bad.  You may use this writing exercise for mindfulness work as well, since mindfulness is rooted in observation and awareness.  This is not meant to be a polished piece of writing but rather an exploration of yourself in the current moment and your current surroundings.

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