Inspirational Blogs to Start Your Year

As you start the new year, do you find yourself looking for motivation online?  New to the “Resources” page, I’ve compiled a list of useful Wellness Blogs for you to check out.  I’ve listed them below as well.  Staples include the NYT Well Blog, Huffington Post’s Healthy Living page, and MindBodyGreen for mental health and physical health inspiration.  Tiny Buddha comes from a Buddhist perspective and provides some great insight on mindful practices, and The Blue Room is written by a Christian pastor who has published on reflective practices like taking time for family and self-care.  Hallowed Be Thy Home is focused on the house as well as living locally and practicing green living, and Daily Cup of Yoga focuses on living well through yoga practice.  Enjoy!

New York Times Well Blog

Huffington Post Healthy Living Blog


Tiny Buddha

The Blue Room

Hallowed Be Thy Home

Daily Cup of Yoga

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