June’s Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness involves observing and accepting the things around and within us in the present moment, without judgment.  In therapy, Johanna may involve mindfulness skills to build awareness of various issues and to develop coping strategies.   The exercise below is not individualized to your needs as it may be in therapy, but is rather intended as a general exercise that you may find useful.

June’s mindfulness exercise:

As last month’s exercise showed us, mindfulness is not always a quiet, passive observation.  Mindfulness can occur in conversation, and it can also occur in movement.  Today, turn on some music (the radio, a CD, Pandora, or however you get your tunes) and allow yourself to move to the music.  You may start by keeping the beat with your foot, and then if you like, allow the rest of your body to join in the dancing. (If anything causes pain, return to just tapping the beat). Notice what you’re doing physically, what thoughts you have, and how you feel emotionally. Try to observe without judging as good or bad. Try to dance for at least one song!

NOTE: This is not intended to replace therapy.  Please contact Johanna at (585)406-3012 if you are interested in individual or group therapy.

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